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Trying to manage GST on receipts with gratuities...



I'm finding the self-employed version isn't working for me in this regard. I have receipts for my business that I want to manage through my app/web. For my receipts I need them broken down by Total (inclusive of all taxes and gratuities) and GST (only applied to the subtotal NOT the Grand Total. I can't get Self-employed to do this as it with doesn't;t pull any tax if I leave it off OR if I select GST only is applies GST to the Grand Total.




Meal Receipt


Subtotal = $30.00

GST =           $1.50

Gratuity =    $5.00


GRAND TOTAL =   $35.00


Right now the GST would pull $1.75 from the Grand Total including tax.


HELP as I can't use this app without this functionality. I can't be the only one here???