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I hear what you're saying, leebrendalee. I'd like to clarify the my colleague's response to you to make sure you're getting the information you need. The QuickBooks Team can advise on the various features in QuickBooks Online. When it comes to things like knowing when you should debit or credit an account, we can't advise on that because we don't have training in accounting or bookkeeping. This is why we're giving the recommendation to consult an accountant in this instance so that you can ensure you have the correct answer for your books. An accountant is a great resource to have even for simple questions like this.


There are a number of accountant users here in Community, so one may happen across this thread and offer you some insight. I know time is of the essence for business owners and others managing a set of books, however, so don't hesitate to contact an accountant for a more immediate response.


I hope that helps shed light on this.