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Perfect... one more question that has been answered, thanks!


I'm going through the Getting Started one as we speak... lots of good tips.


With respect to continuing this thread, should I mark it as answered or is it ok to keep this thread going with non-OoS questions?


i.e.. I have a question about setting up inventory... (I should have bookmarked the page cuz somehow I can't find it again!), anyway, it goes something like this...

• we have about 40+ different types of product that we both buy and resell

• some items do not have additional options

• some items have three colour options

• some items have both size and colour options


I think the sample I originally saw showed something like:

• T-Shirt:Size:Colour

such that the Shirt was the Item, and Size and Colour were sub-categories??


So when I enter T-Shirt in the Item column, will it bring up pull-downs for Size and Colour, and how will this affect the inventory. Will QBO keep track of these items as items sold and will I be able to view a report on an itemized list later, for re-order purposes?