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Payroll taxes

I have created a Payroll Export form so I can import the payroll into our other accounting software system and for each employee, it is showing  a debit for Employer FICA Expense, which is correct, and also Fed, Soc Sec Med Tax Payable as a credit, which is also correct, but it's taking out Fed, Soc Sec Med Tax Payable AGAIN. Why is the liability side being deducted twice? It is making my liability out of balance on my Balance Sheet. My Income Statement is also incorrect because it's recording the Employer FICA Expense with this Payroll Export form which I don't want because I'm already capturing the Employer FICA Expense with my 941 payment to the bank. Please advise what I need to do. I have attached a small sample of our payroll export form and you can see the highlighted area where the deduction is coming out twice.

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