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Re: How do I get QBO to recognize a payment that was posted via Journal Entry to create a 1099?

I want to officially welcome you to QuickBooks Community, EGinGA.


I can help make sure that the journal entries are included in the vendor's 1099 form.


Journal entries should be reported in the 1099 form. To ensure they are included, you'll have to tag the vendor's name in the journal entry. I'm happy to show you how:

  1. Click the Plus sign icon at the top, the choose Journal Entry.
  2. Enter the needed details.
  3. Add the vendor under the Name column.
  4. Select Save and close.

The screenshot below serves as an example.




You're now ready to prepare the 1099 forms in QuickBooks. Follow the steps I've laid out below.

  1. Go to Workers.
  2. Choose Contractors.
  3. Click Prepare 1099s, then select Let's get started.
  4. Follow the screen instructions.
  5. Click Next until you reach the File window.
  6. Select the option I'll file myself to print the form.
  7. Choose Yes, looks good!, then Next.
  8. Click Done.

I'll share these articles too for reference:

That should get you back on track. Please let me know how that works for you. I'll be here and ready to help anytime. I'm cheering you to continued prosperity.