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Re: Automated Sales tax needs to be turned off - period. In Texas we have to charge the sales tax rate for whatever city we are serving

@CASProfessional wrote:

"Somewhere Intuit got the misguided idea that Texas is an origin based state, and will only calculate sales tax based on the shippers location making it necessary to override the tax amount but then your sales tax reports are worthless because all taxes are still shown for the shipper's location.  Taxes, however, need to be filed by City and/or county."


Let me add to that, somehow Intuit got the idea that it was too hard for simple sales tax users to assign their sales tax rate to their items and decided to create an automated system that I am sure nobody actually wants,  or needs, and not allow people to use this "feature." I think sales tax is either very simple or very complex for everyone meaning there is no one size fits all automation - SCRAP IT.


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