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Re: Automated Sales tax needs to be turned off - period. In Texas we have to charge the sales tax rate for whatever city we are serving

Automated Sales Tax is a nightmare. I am in NC and it created all kinds of prior payments and returns that needed to be filed and paid back to January 2018 that I had already done. It also created weird sales tax payable accounts - for example Unassigned Tax Agency for Apps Payable - Unassigned Tax Agency for Apps. Not only that, on the filings - all the amounts were incorrect. I tried to complete one and made the necessary adjustment and it added a duplicate sales tax payment that now I CANNOT DELETE!!! I talked with support and they said the only way to clear out these prior unfiled items was to "turn off efile". I cannot even do that! 

Also - it asks if you want to TEMPORARILY switch to the old sales tax, but when you click on it you get a warning - You won't be able to switch back to Automated Sales Tax once you move to the old sales tax center.

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