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Sales Tax in QuickBooks Online tracking to multiple sales tax payable accounts

I am trying to clean up some old sales tax issues and have found that over the years, they had identified numerous accounts as "sales tax payable" accounts, so on the balance sheet, there are 5 sales tax payable accounts, 2 of which have not had any activity in years which I will clear with a je and make them inactive.


There are however 3 accounts where sales tax is still being charged to from invoices.  I do not know what is driving which sales tax transaction to which "sales tax payable" account as there is nothing on the item or customer level to direct it to one or the other?


Could it simply be randomly sending the sales tax to one of the 3 accounts?


My thought was to make 2 of the 3 inactive, create a journal entry to the one account I am trying to retain and then hopefully with only 1 active "sales tax payable" account all of the sales tax will be directed to that account?


Anyone have similar experience?





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