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Re: i need to charge tax on invoices and the field to implement a county sales tax is greyed out ...

Hi there, @LX2.


Welcome to the Community. Normally, the field to implement a county sales tax is greyed out if you haven't activated the sales tax in your Company Preferences. Let me help you set up your sales tax so you're able to add an item for each county, district, parish, etc. Here's how:


1. Go to the Edit menu, then select Preferences.
2. Choose Sales Tax, then click the Company Preferences tab.
3. Select Yes to turn on sales tax.
4. Click the Add sales tax item to add it for each county, district, city, etc. where you collect sales tax. Make sure you check the tax rates and requirements with your tax agency, then follow steps below: 

  • From the Type drop-down, choose Sales Tax Item.
  • On the Sales Tax Name field, enter your preferred name for the tax item. I'd suggest using the location of tax for the name. You can also enter more information in the Description field.
  • On the Tax Rate (%) field, enter the specific rate for the item.
  • On the Tax Agency field, enter the name of the collecting agency (set up as a Vendor). If it's not in the list yet, select Add New to set it up.
  • Select OK


To assign sales tax codes, read through step 5 in this help article: Set Up Sales Tax in QuickBooks Desktop. Click each link to help you complete other sales tax-related tasks.


Feel free to post again if you need help with anything else about QuickBooks. We're glad to be of your service. Have pleasant day ahead!

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