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Re: How to create a payment for WA state Paid Family Leave premiums

Hello lauriem,


QuickBooks Desktop supports electronic payment for Washington Paid Family Leave. You'll have to set it up first in the Payroll Center. Let me guide you through the steps.

  1. Go to Employees, and then Employee Center.
  2. Double click the employee name to open the Edit Employee window.
  3. Click Payroll Info, and then click Taxes.
  4. Click the Other tab.
  5. Click WA-Paid Fam Med Leave Co line. In the Co. Portion Rate field, enter the company share of the premium portion rate as a whole number.
  6. Click WA-Paid Fam Med Leave Emp line. In the Emp. Portion Rate field, enter the employee share of the premium portion rate.
  7. Click OK in the Taxes window.
  8. Click OK in the Edit Employee window.

Once you're done, go to Employees, Payroll Center, and then Pay Liabilities to pay your premium. Then, click View/Pay.


You can read this article for more information: Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave (New Tax 2019).


Feel free to check these articles for future reference:

Fill me in if you need help with anything else. I'd be sure to jump in anytime.



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