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Hello Ashley H.,

I must not be explaining my problem correctly because everyone keeps telling me how to use the new Automated Sales Tax Center.  I figured out HOW to use it.  The problem IS there there is no longer a way in the Automated Sales Tax Center for me to enter my collection allowance aka Surtax collected which I always entered as a "Sales Tax Discount".  The pull downs consist of Reason, Account & Amount.  None of those pull downs includes a place for my Sales Tax Discount / Collection Allowance for Surtax Collected.  It will ONLY let me select Credit from the Reason pull down;  Discounts given under the Account pull down (which is where the Surtax collected would and should be), and the Amount - which is where I deduct the Surcharge.  I can no longer specify on the SALES TAX REPORT that I am deducting Sales Tax Discount / Collection Allowance.   The older version let me enter all of that on the report; now the New Automated report looks different and I cannot specify my deduction other than "Discounts given".  
I spent over an hour on the phone with Quickbooks Online Support yesterday after waiting for a call back for 25 minutes.  Then another few hours each day for the past few weekdays trying to find a solution.  Nothing was resolved.  Nothing from Support - we used the Glance App so she could visually SEE what I was telling her from my HISTORY how it had been entered prior to this horrible update.  She admitted that it was messed up, but could not find a solution.
Thanks for your time.


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