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QuickBooks Team

Re: WA Paid Family and Medical Leave

Hi bsquaredbooks, 


Thanks for sharing the details of your previous phone interaction. Allow me to provide additional insights about the WA Paid Family and Medical Leave premiums. 


As mentioned by my colleagues above, the Paid Family and Medical Leave tax will be supported in QuickBooks Online starting January 1, 2019. This will be taken out through payroll deductions and if applicable via company contributions. 


The set up available in QuickBooks Online would depend on the number of employees. Currently, you'll only be able to enter the employee portion with or without the employer contribution. 


Here's an article for more details:


Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave (New Tax 2019)


I'll personally let our product engineers know about how this additional option can be beneficial to your business. You can also let your voice be heard by going to the Gear icon, then selecting Send Feedback Online


Thank you again, it's feedback like this that empowers us to make QuickBooks the best software it can be.


Don't hesitate to approach me by adding a response below. I'd be delighted to answer them for you. 


Cheers to a more successful 2019! 

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