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Re: WA Paid Family and Medical Leave

Brandy, Vivien, et al


For an unauthorized solution that allows an Employer with fewer than 50 Employees to cover the Employee portion while opting out of the Employer portion, see previous posts in this thread from NWeller (12/17/18) and DNNeuen (12/28/18).


While I can attest that this solution works for current paychecks, I have no assurances as yet from the software developers that the liability will be properly reported on the Quarterly Reports due to ESD in April (even though I have asked for such assurances).


Additionally, in order to provide clarity to this unauthorized solution, a certain Payroll Item might be renamed as follows:

  • From
    • WA – Paid Fam Med Leave Co
  • To
    • WA-Pd Fam Med Lv Co pays EE Shr
  • Note that some spaced have been eliminated in order to fit everything in.

Note that even though the Local description of the Payroll Item has changed, the Payroll Item Type  remains the same as can be seen when applying this tax.


The screen shot in the attached file may be of some help.


Others have created their own workarounds.


At this point, not only does Intuit need to provide an appropriate computing solution to allow compliance with all the options the law allows, but they also need to help us understand how to make our unauthorized solutions work with whatever they come up with.


From the traffic on the Community site, it is obvious that Intuit has overlooked an important option in the law and has failed to provide an appropriate solution.







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