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Sales Tax Payment transactions - banking out of sync

My account has the "new" sales tax feature enabled in Quickbooks Online - and it makes it very difficult to see whats going on behind the scenes.


Question 1:

I have a "finished" sales tax transaction from the 1st quarter.   Its completed and shows that its paid in the Sales Tax UI.


Behind the scenes, the sales tax itself was paid via two banking transactions (in my checking account) that are still listed in my bank register, waiting to be matched/resolved to an account.   "Record transfer" to the sales tax account fails, saying that money can't be transfered in or out of that account, due to it being used to record sales tax.


How do I go about resolving these banking transactions to be tied to the sales tax already marked as paid?     


Question 2:

Is it possible to go back to the "old" sales tax user interface?   My state doesn't allow for electronic transfer of sales tax anyway, so the new interface doesn't seem to add anything for me.   You can't view any of the actual transaction data tied to sales tax either in it.   Looking at the support documents for the old interface, it seemed like you could at least manually override things when needed.


Thanks for any help!



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