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Changes to invoice templates are not saving

We are experiencing a number of issues with our invoice templates.

  1. For example: we do not want the date column to appear on our invoice, so we remove the date column and click save and close. However, when we create an invoice to send to our customers  the date column keeps coming back!
  2. Secondly, we would like TAX Summary on our invoice to say VAT Summary instead so we have changed this on our template and saved.  However, again, when we create a invoice to send to our customer it still keeps appearing as TAX Summary.
  3. Finally, whenever we make a change to one template (e.g. changing the email message) this change appears on all other templates too . (Which defeats the purpose of having different templates for different services).


We would appreciate any help/advice on these issues, and would like to know if any one is experiencing the same problems?