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Importing Opening Debtors

I am setting up my opening balances and wish to import the Debtors invoices individually to make credit control easier than if I just introduce a balance. I do not intend to use products/services.

I have managed to import a small batch of invoices but am confused about the lack of a double entry in my Chart of Accounts. It debited Debtors but did not credit any of the Sales Accounts. (I do know that for opening balances I would have to move that credit from Sales to the Suspense account I have created for the project, but I would expect the automated credit to go to sales initially)

I have spoken to 2 people on the support desk - one told me that I had to create a product/service - which I tried but made no difference. The other said that the Chart of accounts is not intended to reflect the balances in the NL, that sales would be credited when my Debtor paid and that the other side of the entry was in my Quickbooks balance which she could neither explain or point me towards. She did check with her supervisor and came back to me to confirm that what she had said was correct.


I don't see how I can work with software that doesn't use standard double entry, but I suspect that QB does if you can find someone who understands, and I would be really pleased if someone could point me in the right direct.