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This appears to be a (new) bug.

It's been happening on & off for the last few weeks.

(Coincidentally, the Message Box Size bug seems to have been cured about the same time)


I have Shipping switched OFF in Accounts & Settings > Sales > Sales Form Content.

I have Shipping unchecked in Custom Form Styles > Content > Header.

I have Shipping unchecked in Invoice Edit > COG > Choose What You Can Use.


Yet, sometimes, the Shipping Fields appear.

As far as I can tell the behaviour is random.  It happens on different PCs using different browsers - both before & after a cache clearout as well as incognito/private browsing modes.


The shipping fields can appear when viewing an old invoice on screen (in edit mode, I use a docx template so the fields won't carry through to the print/pdf invoice).

The shipping fields can appear when creating a new invoice (from scratch or from recurring template).

(*edit - happens most often when viewing a previously saved invoice ... maybe 50% of the time)


To remove, go to COG > Choose What You Can Use 

You will most likely see that the Shipping checkbox is unchecked or has a grey tick.

Enable Shipping - you get a green tick.

Then disable again.