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Payment date for invoices - entering old or batches of information

I've just started and am transferring my data to QB Self Employed from a manual system so at the end of this financial year I will have an entire set of data in one place.   I'm therefore trying to enter the historic data from the start of this financial year up to the present date. I don't want to live-link a bank account - I will use edited CSV downloads as I am really worried about revealing login information.


I am getting in a muddle over invoice dates, due dates and payment dates and fear it is going to take for ever! Most of these invoices have been paid, of course and I have the dates, however QB only seems to be able to record payment on today's date.  That clearly is incorrect as payments were received April to Feb.   Also as I go forward, does that mean I must be logging in daily to ensure I record a payment on the right day?  That's a pain as I normally do my accounts in batches anywhere between weekly and monthly, certainly not daily!  


Please advise