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Thanks - finding it all very confusing!   I cannot connect a business bank account as I don't have one.   Also, I am trying to get almost a year's worth collected into SE and it says you can't auto import those over 4 months ago.   I am also concerned about security. 


I have two personal bank accounts into which payments go - one's all business transactions in an e-account but the other is a personal current account with some business income paid into it.   Payments out are largely from the current account for convenience or a credit card.   I pay "drawings" into current account as needed from the e-account.


I read that SE doesn't record a payment against an invoice until it is in the bank, so I took the csv option.  I downloaded all the credit transactions from both accounts and uploaded  the csv files from both accounts.  I Intended to set up two named accounts plus poss a credit card one in SE, but found it all went into an account called "cash".   It seems there is just this one account option in Self Employed?  I have not uploaded any debits as they're in my personal current account, or paid for in cash, or paid from a personal credit card.   This is common enough for a self-employed person. 


I have entered just one invoice from last April - as a starting point.   So, how do I go about matching it up with an entry in the "bank" transactions?  It doesn't give me the option to match a payment up to an invoice number.   I am at a loss to know what to do now!


This is beginning to feel as if it is going to be simply too difficult and instead of saving me time it will increase the time and thus the stress!