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I think I know your exact issue and how to fix it.

-Go to banking and go to "reviewed". Please find the payment in question and "undo" it so that it goes back into your "for review section". Please write down on a piece of paper/remember the date of that payment. Leave that as is and we will come back to it.

-Go to your invoices section and find the invoice. Then click the downwards arrow on the right next to the word "print" and click "view/edit"

-On the right it says "paid status", under this can you see blue writing that says "1 payment" and then in black writing "made on .....", please click the blue writing and then click the blue date.

-Here the payment you received in your bank account comes up, for some unknown reason, I think it may be a glitch, but it says on the left under "payment date" the wrong date to when it actually was deposited. Now that date I asked you to write down before, put in that date instead. Click save and close.

-Go back to your "for review" tab and the payment now should have a match. Click "match".

-Go back into your "income section" on your report and it now should be fixed and there should only be one payment there for that amount.

Hope this helps!