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Re: VAT CODES on Bank deposits

Hi, I am based in Indonesia and just started using Quickbooks online. I am trying to match a bank deposit with an existing invoice. However my bank will deduct merchant credit card charges from the deposit before it goes into my account, so it doesn't match the invoice exactly.  When I try to resolve the difference and code the difference to a 'bank changes' account, it wont accept this until I choose a VAT tax code.

Problem is I want to select 'nil' but when I click on the option dropdown tab, nothing occurs. I have tried entering every letter or numbers 0 - 9 to prompt an option to appear but nothing happens, so I cant resolve the difference in amount. 


I have not set up any VAT tax or any other tax options in the system as I calculate them manually, so are confused as to what to do. Hopefully you can help.