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How to file a tax in qbo

how to file a 1099 question
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How to file a tax in qbo



Welcome to the QuickBooks Community. It's exciting to hear that you're using QuickBooks Online and one of its Payroll modules. Based on the form you're mentioning, it sounds like you have American-based freelancers or contractors working for your business. I know it's just as important to make sure they have their payroll forms as your Canadian employees and I'm here to help.


QuickBooks Online's Payroll modules are designed to make sure you have the forms you need for your employees. It handles various Canadian payroll forms, but doesn't have the option to produce US forms at this time. This means producing and filing a 1099 form outside of the program.


You can use payroll reports, such as the Payroll Summary report, as needed to help complete information on forms the program doesn't produce. Simply visit the Reports tab in QuickBooks Online and then scroll to the Payroll section to see what reports are available. I've also found this resource article that may be of use to you: How to File 1099 and Who Needs Them?


To get help with filing out this form, I recommend consulting an accountant or government agency. Seeing as it's an IRS form, it may be the IRS or another US entity that you'd want to speak with. As for an accountant, here's how you can connect with one in QuickBooks Online.


The My Accountant tab offers you the opportunity to invite someone as an accountant user, which gives them the tools and access to your books they need to help you with managing your numbers. There's also a Find a pro to help button in that tab, which connects you to our list of QuickBooks-certified accounting professionals.


I hope that helps. Have a great day.

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