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Becoming a ProAdvisor - the steps from the PDF

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Becoming a ProAdvisor - the steps from the PDF

We are starting a series based upon Cheryl Grindell's pdf.   How to become a ProAdvisor.  


How do you get started with QuickBooks Online Accountant? Getting started as a business owner in an accounting firm. So many things have changed since I (Lynda) began my practice almost 20 years ago.  When I started my business, I looked up ads for part-time bookkeepers (yes!  The, have things changed!).  I would drive to the client's office and work on their books.  I used QuickBooks Desktop back then.  This was pre-ProAdvisors too.   


See the full post here.



We hope you enjoy this series.  Look for part 2 next week and follow this journey.  You can do it!  


Lynda Artesani @lynda 

Artesani Bookkeeping


Matthew Fulton @ParkwayInc 

Parkway Business Solutions


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Re: Becoming a ProAdvisor - the steps from the PDF

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own QuickBooks Online Accountant company but are not sure where to start, this post is for you!  


This video content produced by Lynda Artesani is awesome!  Lynda walks you through how to start your QBOA company and offers tips and suggestions on what steps to take first.


Thank you @lynda for sharing this with us!  I am really excited to see what you have for us next week!

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Re: Becoming a ProAdvisor - the steps from the PDF Week 2

Getting started with Quickbooks - 2

Starting your own business and getting your first QuickBooks customer!  Now the real fun stuff happens!! We both still remember getting our first clients.  It is super exciting! 


Special thank you to my buddy and partner, Matthew Fulton of Parkway Business Solutions for joining me on this road map of through the PDF that Cheryl Grindell provided in the new QuickBooks Online getting started section of the Intuit Community. If you’re new to QuickBooks, I highly recommend navigating to that page as there’s so much valuable information in there.

Adding your first client...

Did you know that you can combine both your Desktop and your Online customers to QuickBooks Online Accountant? To add the desktop clients, it’s relatively easy. Just navigate to your books and then go to sales and customer and add the client.

Adding an online customer is very easy too. All you have to do is ask the customer to add you as an accountant user. With my CRM (customer relationship management program), 17 hats, I have preset templates.


When a client reaches out to me via my contact form, I use a workflow to send them a templated email requesting access. The verbiage of the email shown below tells the client to go to the gear, account settings, manage users, accounting firm. And then add my email address. It’s straightforward. If a client struggles with this, I have a video demonstrating this process. I try to keep it as straightforward as possible for the person that may become a potential client.  To read the full blog post, click here.




We hope our tips and tricks help others just starting to run their own accounting firm. 

Next week will touch upon the training for you and your client, and we will get into looking at getting certified by taking the test and all of the fantastic educational pieces of becoming a ProAdvisor. We cannot stress enough how important it is to take the test and take the Advanced test to rise above everyone else. It’ll also get you listed on the find a ProAdvisor website. That will generate leads. We will talk about our onboarding processes (they are quite different!) and apps!


We look forward to diving into next week with you!


 @lynda  Lynda Artesani, Artesani Bookkeeping

@ParkwayInc  Matthew Fulton, Parkway Business Solutions


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Re: Becoming a ProAdvisor - the steps from the PDF Week 2

So many great tips in this video from @lynda and @ParkwayInc!


They remind us to ask important questions upfront like:

  • What are the clients needs?
  • Are they a good fit to go to the cloud?
  • Is the client you are attempting to add already an existing QBO user?  Knowing the answer to this determines how to add this new client.
  • How do you want to handle the billing for your clients QBO subscription?

And, if you are having any difficulty accepting that QBO invitation from your client, be sure to log out of anything Intuit related prior to accepting the invite.  


My favorite tip is where they show us how to add a QuickBooks Desktop client to their QuickBooks Online Accountant client list.  Why would you want to do that?  Because it allows you to organize all your clients in one place and use the Work tab to assign and schedule work. 


Thanks again to Lynda and Matthew for all the great tips and advice! 


Onward to Week 3:heart:

New Member

Re: Becoming a ProAdvisor - the steps from the PDF

Hello, I cannot find the PDF study guides for the modules anywhere. Do they still exist? I just don't know where to go to find them and the suggestions say you can use those during the exams.  I passed the first proadvisor and I am studying for the advanced certificate, but I want the PDFs if I can get them. 

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