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Do your clients have questions about Sales Tax in QBO?


Do your clients have questions about Sales Tax in QBO?



If the idea of explaining sales tax navigation or rules keep you up at night, we hope that the following resources help ease your mind.  Besides just explaining basic sales tax navigation in QBO, we also wanted to provide the basics of who, what, how, where, and when to file sales tax.


Sales Tax Resources


Top ten strategies for dealing with sales tax by Joan Howard - I love this article because it covers so many things a small business needs to know for sales tax.  It covers everything from understanding the sales tax implications on the types of product you sell to claiming filing discounts.  


A deep dive into sales tax nexus:  7 activities that trigger a sales tax obligation by Kristin Korpos

This article covers sales tax compliance topics such as trade shows, independent contractors, rentals, warehouses, deliveries, and salespeople.


Five states that do not impose sales tax (NOMAD) by Kristin Korpos

If your client does business in multiple states, this will be a great read for them!  


Check out QuickBooks Sales Tax by Anna-Mary Geist

This article provides the basics of navigating sales tax in QBO.  It covers setting up sales tax, using sales tax on a transaction, and filing sales tax.




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