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How to get new clients?

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How to get new clients?

How a new proadvisor can search and find a new Client?


Re: How to get new clients?

Here are a couple of ways I’ve gotten new clients:

  • Make sure your ProAdvisor profile is public.
  • Post on social media feeds (facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.) about the services you offer – your friends may not need the services, but they have friends that may need your services.
  • Look for places to hang a flyer/business card – I’ve done this at a couple UPS stores near me and gotten clients. A lot of mailbox rentals at the UPS store are from small business owners.
  • Magnet signs for your car – I’ve used these and gotten clients. Just make sure the message is concise and the contact info is in large print.
  • Answer questions on message boards about QB or accounting – this helps prove your expertise prior to engaging with a client.

Hope this helps!



Re: How to get new clients?

There are two important steps to getting your first client as a ProAdvisor. Step 1: Picture who you want to have as an ideal client. Then write a 1-2 page document that expresses full details of them by name, gender, age, major things in their life they want improved, their annual income, their favorite books, music, hobbies, their biggest fears, interests, dislikes, etc. Be very specific on the WHO it is you want to serve. Read this every day until you get a client. Step 2: Send an email out to 10-20 people asking them to give you feedback on what they think are your biggest strengths. The magic happens when you feel called to serve a particular customer segment with a particular skillset that only you have that you can offer the world.

Re: How to get new clients?

Hi there @asim,


Welcome to the Getting Started with QBOA Community!  We are glad you found us!  


Promoting yourself can be challenging, but this is what the Find-a-ProAdvisor profile is all about. For some extra help, check out our blog, 5 Tips to Maximize Your New Find-a-ProAdvisor Profile.


I hope you find this helpful and would love to have you come back and let us know how it's going.





Re: How to get new clients?

Hello @asim:


So much has changed since I first became a ProAdvisor.  Life was simpler then.  :)


Marketing is such a deep topic and one I always jump on at the conferences that we attend.  Like stated below, your ProAdvisor page will become a lead source.  If you take the Advanced Cert, it should rise you above the others.  It is a time-consuming effort, but very much worth it.  I use a weekly blog post with a video that I consistently post to every week.  Although I have not had much success on Facebook for generating clients, I have heard of many others that have had the exact opposite experience. 


I use 17hats for my CRM and track the leads.  Most leads for me come from the videos or a google search.  Answering questions on this community forum, make help link back to you via google.  My ProAdvisor page (even though I am advanced certified), comes in 3rd but is a continuous source of leads. Many do very well on that PAP page, but it is dependent on your location.


Matthew Fulton @ParkwayInc and I just did a Facebook live event on this very topic.  Tons of good information on this in that video.  We posted it in our private FB Group.  


Lynda Artesani

Artesani Bookkeeping



Re: How to get new clients?

Hi @asim,


This is the age old question, one that I must confess I am still working on myself!  While we would never claim to have all of the answers, @lynda and I are always happy to share our crazy ones with you.  Below is a recording of a Facebook live stream that we did together on this very topic.  I hope it helps!



Re: How to get new clients?

Thanks, @PARKWAY, and @lynda for sharing this video!  I highly recommend viewing this video if you get a chance as it includes several valuable tips which help fuel their success.  The topics covered are basically everything you can do to increase your digital business presence and how that, in turn, can fuel your client acquisition.  Topics discussed:


  • Creating videos and blog posts which include pictures whenever you can (see the video to hear about Lynda's unique picture that drove the most views).
  • Answering questions on the Intuit Community
  • Make sure your ProAdvisor profile is published
  • Asking your clients for Google reviews
  • Asking prospective clients how they found you
  • The benefits and using Google My Business (Parkway shows a great demo of this tool)
    • Free basic website
    • Analytics that provide insights of where your leads are coming from so you know what channels to invest your time in.


But, most importantly, rely on multiple tools to get yourself seen and then interweave them so it always leads the customer back to your website.   And, remember you can add your business website to your Community Profile too just as Parkway and Lynda have done.

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Re: How to get new clients?

What's tje best way to get a new client?

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