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‎September 19, 2022 10:25 PM
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I created a templete . How do I get it on my desktop invoice templete so I can use?

Welcome to the Community, F38.


Thanks for posting your question. I'm happy to provide info about using invoice templates in your QuickBooks Desktop account. 


There are just a few steps to upload a template. Here's how:


  1. Open the company file that you want to import the template into.
  2. From the Lists menu, select Templates.
  3. Choose the Templates ▼ dropdown and click Import.
  4. Select the template you want to import, then choose Open.
  5. Name the imported template. (You can keep the original name or change it.)
  6. Click OK. You should now see the imported template on the template list.

The following article provides additional info about using and customizing form templates in QuickBooks Desktop.


That will do the trick. You'll be able to use your new template the next time you create an invoice. Feel free to reach back out if you have any other questions.

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