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Start Here with QuickBooks Desktop


Doing Business with QuickBooks

Everything you need to get started with QuickBooks Desktop.   Accounting is a process. There’s an order to everything, from completing sales transactions to running financial reports and reconciliations.   



These resources are to help you through the download, install, and activation process to get your books up and running.  You too, can become a QuickBooks Ninja!  

System Requirements 

Before installing and using QuickBooks Desktop, it is important to know the necessary system requirements. This will ensure QuickBooks is compatible with your setup and will help avoid issues when you start using the program.


Downloads and updates


After you install

If you run into issues

Try the following tools and resources in the order suggested to get you up and running.  We try and make the download, install, and activation process as easy as possible but we know sometimes it doesn't go as planned.  




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i need help downloading quickbooks i just purchased

Desktop is deleting transactions. I have 12 transactions a month including payroll.  It deletes all payroll from one date. So when you go to pay taxes they don’t add up correctly. You look and half the transactions are gone. 

Having trouble with my "S-Corp Med Insure Premium". Have it set up to auto-generate as ITEM when I run payroll, but the dates don't go where I want so I have to edit/correct it. Working through 12-mo of 2019 corrections today painful! Would like to get this right for 2020. For example: I run 1/1/20 payroll and generate "S-Corp Med Prem" of say $600 for an employee "For Period January" so all good so far, But: It tags LIAB it as "Due 2/17" like a tax item! This can throw off annual totals and tax reports if not corrected. It is insurance so it is due 1/17 NOT a month later. I looked at "Liability: Change Payment Method", but it WILL NOT let me back it up to "Pay this Period" only "Pay next period". How can I correct these settings for my "S-Corp Med Insure Premium"? Thanks for any help!

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