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Getting Started with QuickBooks Desktop

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  You can convert any company file to a Mac version from a U.S. version of QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Premier Accountant Edition for the same year as your version of QuickBooks for Mac or the two previous years. In other words, if you have QuickBooks for Mac 2019, you can convert your file from QuickBooks for Windows 2017, 2018, and 2019.   Before you start, be sure that you are familiar with what data is converted from QuickBooks for Windows to QuickBooks for Mac.   Data that is and is not converted from QuickBooks for Windows to QuickBooks for Mac   Although Intuit has used reasonable efforts to include all features affected, Intuit disclaims that all features are included in these lists. Be sure to compare the newly-converted data with the original data to learn what data was not converted.     Data that is converted from Windows to Mac Account list (chart of accounts) Customer list Vendor list (notes will not be converted) Item list Payment terms list Shipping via list Customer type list Vendor type list Employee list (notes will not be converted) To do list (alerts will not be converted) Other names list (without notes) Job types list Payment method list Customer message list Classes Reminders (alerts will not be converted) Links between pay items and other items Custom field definitions Transactions and their links: Invoices Bills Deposits Payments Transfers Memorized transactions Multiple estimates per job All list reports History of QuickBooks versions used with the data file Transaction statistics 1099 categories Notes Audit trail Preferences Company name and address Which features are enabled Time and activity records Budgets Reconcile Address book data Income and expense tracking by class (available in QuickBooks for Mac using Profit & Loss by Class reports) Job costing data (available in QuickBooks for Mac using Job Profitability reports) Vehicle list       Data that is not converted from Windows to Mac   Important:  QuickBooks for Mac does not support multiple currencies. Since accounts and balances are affected by the multiple and home currency settings, these settings cannot be changed in QuickBooks for Windows once they have been set. If you have used multiple currencies in your Windows company file,  you will not be able to convert your data for use in QuickBooks for Mac .   Some features and data will NOT be converted from Windows to Mac, including (but not necessarily limited to) the following: Any data if you have used multiple currencies in QuickBooks for Windows. Intuit integrated payroll and payroll list items (QuickBooks for Mac uses Intuit Online Payroll) Online banking transactions that have not been accepted into a register (transactions that have been accepted will appear as payments, deposits, and transfers with associated links) Online banking aliases Customized settings for forms like invoices, estimates, statements, and purchase orders (forms can be customized in QuickBooks for Mac) Multiuser data, such as usernames User passwords (QuickBooks for Mac supports administrator password) Memorized reports Business planning, expert analysis, and business optimization tools Customized price levels Integration with third-party applications, including Microsoft Word, Outlook, and ACT!™ Merchant account services (you’ll need to set this up again in QuickBooks for Mac) Sales order and back order tracking (available in Premier versions of QuickBooks for Windows) Assembly items (available only in Premier versions of QuickBooks for Windows) will be converted into non-inventory part items Budgets created without an associated account Transaction type “EFP payroll” (will convert into a payroll liability check) Workers comp list Fixed asset item list Multiple “ship to” addresses, Preferred Send method, and payment information for Customer:Jobs User-added columns to lists     Unsupported reports   The following preset reports are currently not supported by QuickBooks for Mac 2019. You can, however, create many of these reports using the customization, filtering, and memorization features in QuickBooks for Mac. Profit & Loss Unclassified Open Purchase Orders by Job Sales Tax Revenue Summary Pending Builds Income Tax Preparation Profit & Loss Budget Performance Fixed Asset Listing Voided/Deleted Transactions (available in Premier versions of QuickBooks for Windows®) Voided/Deleted Transactions History (available in Premier versions of QuickBooks for Windows®) Closing Date Exception (available only in Premier versions of QuickBooks for Windows®) Open Sales Orders by Customers (available in Premier versions of QuickBooks for Windows®) Open Sales Orders by Item (available in Premier versions of QuickBooks for Windows®) Adjusted Trial Balance (available in Premier versions of QuickBooks for Windows®) Adjusting Journal Entries (available in Premier versions of QuickBooks for Windows®) Forecast Overview (available in Premier versions of QuickBooks for Windows®) Forecast vs. Actual (available in Premier versions of QuickBooks for Windows®) All payroll and workers comp reports Unsupported report filters   The following report filters are currently not supported by QuickBooks for Mac. The balances of memorized reports that were created using these filters will not match balances in the original data file. Name Email Paid Thru Sales Tax Code Template Online Status Printed Status Voided Workers Comp Code Is Adjustment
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  Everything you need to get started with QuickBooks Desktop.   Accounting is a process. There’s an order to everything, from completing sales transactions to running financial reports and reconciliations.      These resources are to help you through the download, install, and activation process to get your books up and running.  You too, can become a QuickBooks Ninja!   System Requirements  Before installing and using QuickBooks Desktop, it is important to know the necessary system requirements. This will ensure QuickBooks is compatible with your setup and will help avoid issues when you start using the program.   QuickBooks Desktop System Requirements 2020 QuickBooks Desktop System Requirements 2019 QuickBooks Desktop System Requirements 2018 System requirements for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac Downloads and updates Download QuickBooks Desktop Download QuickBooks Updates Install Install QuickBooks Desktop for Windows Install QuickBooks Desktop on a Terminal Server  Install QuickBooks Desktop for MAC After you install Activate QuickBooks Desktop for Windows Register QuickBooks Desktop for Mac Switch from Sage 50 to QuickBooks Desktop If you run into issues Try the following tools and resources in the order suggested to get you up and running.  We try and make the download, install, and activation process as easy as possible but we know sometimes it doesn't go as planned.     Resolve common install errors Fix Microsoft .NET Framework, MSXML, and C++ issues Can't activate QuickBooks Desktop Fix your damaged company file or network Troubleshoot PDF and print problems with QuickBooks Desktop Reinstall QuickBooks and try again    
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Discover a whole new way of doing business with our new QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting. It offers protected  anytime, anywhere,  and on  any device  access to your data.  Your team all works with the same information, at the same time - no matter where they are and no matter if they're using a Mac, PC, or tablet. Now, everyone can get more done.     Intuit Hosting Powered by Right Networks Who is Right Networks? QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Subscription With Hosting Pricing What does Intuit Hosting do?     New to hosting FAQs Can I have third party apps? To view a full list of third party apps, visit the Right Networks Application Directory   How long does onboarding take?   How many users can I have? Your Right Networks users need to match your QuickBooks user count.  Example; If you have a 5 User Enterprise Solution subscription, you can have up to 5 hosting users.   How do I add users to Right Networks? If you already purchased the right number of QuickBooks users and just need to create Right Networks users, you can add them through the Right Networks My Account Portal or by contacting Right Networks support. If you need to add more QuickBooks and Right Networks users, you can contact us to add more seats to your QuickBooks license.  Once you've added additional QuickBooks users,  you can then add the same number of Right Networks users.   What does hosting mean? Hosting is another term for in the cloud. It means your QuickBooks software and data are stored (hosted) on an enterprise-level web server at a protected facility, instead of locally on your office computer. You access them over a protected Internet connection rather than via your local network. You're not tied down to your office to run QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. You can access it anywhere, anytime, and on any device, including Mac.   How safe is my hosted data? We offer our hosting service through Right Networks, one of the leading providers of enterprise-level hosting. Enterprise-class anti-virus technology, firewalls, encryption and multi-layer access controls help protect your files and transmissions. Right Networks IT professionals continuously monitors the system and handles all updates and upgrades. What are the benefits of choosing QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting over QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise (local access only)? Anywhere, anytime access to applications and data With your applications and data hosted, you can connect anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection using a simple client program. Simply launch the remote access application and log in with your user ID and password. Your QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is ready to use. There's virtually nothing new to learn because the software looks and works just like it does on your PC. Data security QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is hosted in top-of-the-line data centers that provide true enterprise-class scalability and reliability, including full-time security personnel, closed-circuit video surveillance, continuous and redundant power systems with backup generators, fully redundant network systems with multiple-backbone access, advanced network firewalls, and hazard avoidance and alert systems. If a disaster strikes your office, you'll be able to access your business-critical information from computers at another site. Whether the disaster is as small as a PC crash or as catastrophic as a hurricane, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting can help keep your business running. Data protection and backup We protect your hosted data with encrypted transmission, firewalls, multi-layer access controls, and encrypted backups. In addition, your data is automatically scanned with enterprise-class antivirus technology. We back up your hosted data nightly, and retain backups for 90 days. So, if you accidentally delete a file, it may be recoverable. No server or network maintenance required If you currently store your company data on file servers on your network, you know how much time and money it takes to keep the systems patched, scanned for viruses, access-controlled, etc., in addition to the hassles and risks of making the servers available from remote locations. You can eliminate the need to have servers and virtual private networks (VPNs) in your office. Instead, keep your data in a protected data center, and stay focused on your business. And with your applications running in Right Networks data centers, you no longer need to install and maintain them on your own computer. All you need on your PC is a simple client program that is built into Windows Vista and Windows 7.8   Do I need my own network? No. The Internet is the only network you'll need, and if you're reading this, you've already got it! How long does it take to learn? If you're familiar with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, no time at all. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting has the same look and feel. If you're new to QuickBooks, we offer multiple ways to get up-to-speed fast, including the comprehensive support site, Everything Enterprise, which includes exclusive training videos for Full Service Plan members (login and valid Full Service Membership required). Right Networks provides 24/7 support. If you have any questions, its experts are there to help you.   How does the speed compare to running it on my PC? As with any Internet-based service, you'll need a good-quality, fast Internet connection. While experiences may vary, some customers have noticed improved speed and functionality after switching. In addition, you can increase the number of users without losing performance. What is the difference between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting? Both are Internet-accessible solutions, but QuickBooks Online is designed for early-stage businesses that don't require advanced features and functionality. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with the Hosting Service offers advanced functionality for growing, small-to-mid-sized businesses that are managing more complexity and may operate from multiple locations or facilities. Additionally, you access QuickBooks Online directly through a Web browser. Most Hosting Service users access their QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise through a remote access application, although it can also be accessed directly through Internet Explorer.   How does Microsoft Word and Excel work with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting? And how does my email work? Microsoft Word and Excel work with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise and the Hosting Service the same way as they do with the desktop version. If you have Microsoft Word and Excel installed, you can export QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise reports to Excel and estimates, invoices and statements to Word. Additionally, if you'd like to access hosted versions of Word and Excel over the Internet, you can lease Microsoft Office directly from Right Networks for an additional fee. Your Enterprise Hosting Service will cover the hosting for those applications at no additional charge, and you can access them over the same connection. For your email, you have several options. You can use QuickBooks email services, configure QuickBooks to use Web mail, or add Outlook to your Right Networks account.   What to expect after purchase Who do I call for support? For questions related to QuickBooks usage, Error messages, Payroll, Intuit Payments, or adding users , Contact Intuit. For Questions related to adding shortcuts, apps, getting the latest software year installed, or inability to log in to the Right Networks environment, Contact Right Networks.            
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