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Your First Time with QuickBooks Online - Everything You Need for Successful Bookkeeping

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Accounting is a process. There’s an order to everything, from completing sales transactions to running financial reports and reconciliations.


Your First Time with QuickBooks Online is a series geared towards first-time QuickBooks users who want to get started bookkeeping right now. These articles cover all of the setup and accounting workflows you need to know for a comprehensive setup, guiding you from your initial sign up through your next financial quarter and beyond.


Each article provides step-by-step instructions based on where you are on your journey. We’ve included the essential tasks as well as recommended workflows and optimization practices you can easily integrate into your routineBy the end of the series, you’ll feel completely confident with your accounting in QuickBooks.


While we recommend specific time-frames for completing each task, always go at a comfortable pace - it's worth taking the time learning how to do things the right way. What's most important is following the steps and series in order. If you prefer a task-based or feature-specific approach, check out our series Setting up for Success with QuickBooks Online.


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I started with quickbooks last week. I started with importing information from the bank as a cvs. Well none of the balance information transferred and now there is no starting balance info anywhere. I called support and was given an 8 step process to fix it. I just want to scrap it and start over. I tried setting up a new company because I can't get the starting balance. It doesn't let me. I tried deleting all the info to import it all over again, no luck. I am ready to throw it out the window. Do I start a new account and then ask to be refunded the money for the last set up, it has been a serious waste of time.


All I need it for is for tax purposes for a non profit that I volunteer to be the treasurer for, yeesh.

Let me know how I can proceed.




Wow! I'm a first time user of QBs 

The get started links are on help I'am have no idea what the first thing to do is all the forums are shut down

I'm on my phone waiting 45min to get help. this should'nt be this difficult.

First time user of QB, and it is driving me insane. ... In need of good video tutorials 


I have been too overwhelmed with starting to navigate quickbooks. After following the your first hour and your first 15 minutes I feel much more relaxed and capable. My only issue is that when I click on the "my first day" link it tells me I don't have authority to view it but I am a paying member. Please please please tell me there is a way to access it! It is the most amazing information i have found on how to get started.


Thanks in advance!!

QBs cancelled my QBs Online bookkeeping setup that I paid $50 for as apart of my initial account creation. I have not been provided a refund nor been able to get comms?

Good morning, accounting-lixok.


Thank you for bringing this issue forward here in the Community. I want to make sure you're able to use your QuickBooks Online account.


Often times, accounts can be suspended due to a discrepancy with the credit card on file, such as it expiring. I recommend double checking the card that has been entered to make sure it's up to date. Here's how:


1. Log into your QuickBooks Online account, and click the Gear icon in the top right corner.

2. Select Account and Settings.

3. Choose the Billing & Subscription tab.

4. Click the Edit button beside of the payment method.

5. Verify all of the info is correct and make any changes if necessary, then select Save.


I've got a couple articles for you that provide even more info, you can check them out here:

Once you've checked the card and made any updates, you'll be able to continue using your Online account. Please don't hesitate to reach back out if you have any other questions.

what is best we write down venders invoice 

and venders cash paid out and store supply and services For small grocery Store 

Welcome to the QuickBooks Community, Linns. To better assist you, are you trying to find out which QuickBooks Online program would best record vendors' invoices, vendors' cash paid, and store supply and services? You have come to the right place for help! If so, we offer a variety of QuickBooks Online programs, and I'm confident we can find one to cater to your needs. I recommend reviewing this article to compare the different prices and feature with each program. You also have the ability to test drive each one to get a better feel for the program, and no credit card is required. Simply drag the button to Free trial for 30 days and click Try it for free for the program you are interested in. 


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns by commenting below. I will be here looking out for your response. Until then, take care and be safe.

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