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Ferdous And Associates
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improve QBO india

i copy pasted these points from an email i sent to one of QBO india executives on Sat, 6 Jul, 2019 at 4:12 pm. since then, none of these features have been implemented.  i was just told again

> I'm taking note of your feedback so, our product developers know your business needs and might consider adding it in any future updates.

which means nothing because i have gotten same assurances since last 2 years. now can someone responsible in QBO india explain WHY no improvements are being made because is international blog, not india specific and

link which is india specific has last update in june 2020. this is just far ahead in compliances that there is no match. for starters, check their release notes. last update on 31/12/2020. what does it say about then and qbo?

just like i asked the other person, please give me something concrete. there are new return forms from today in india gst and QBO is still stuck 2 years behind. how can i expect to do my job if clients wont even be able to file returns or give invoices?




1. There is practically no validation on anything. invoice number field accepts anything but during filing of return  informs that there is a problem. why don't you make people add proper invoice numbers during basic entry only?

2. same with place of supply. sales invoices are allowed to be made without any place of supply and during returns, we have to manually check that and edit it and save it.

3. i have currently made over 10 RCM freight invoices for a client but report "GSTR2 - 4. Bills with reverse charge" shows only 1.

4. GSTR-3B is wrongly showing RCM amount in only "4A. ITC Available - 3. Inward supplies liable to reverse charge" when it MUST ALSO SHOW IN "3.1(d) Inward supplies (liable to reverse charge)". This is a basic return.

5. "GSTR1 - 7. B2C Other Invoices" it does NOT allow to see entries. i want to see which entries have missing POS but it is NOT DRILLING DOWN.

6. inventory and non inventory and serivces SHOULD HAVE AN OPTION TO MAKE HSN SUMMARY MANDATORY OR NOT. if HSN SUMMARY is set to OFF, GSTR-1 SHOULD NOT ASK THAT HSN SUMMARY IS MISSING. Same in case where HSN SUMMARY is set to ON, software should make HSN CODE and  UQC MANDATORY during item creation and also when item without HSN /UQC is used in an entry, it should prompt user to add HSN CODE.

7. just like tax class changes from "local gst" to "igst" when we change POS in SALES invoice, SAME SHOULD HAPPEN to PURCHASE INVOICES AS WELL.

8. why isnt there an easy way to adjust "advance payment" against a supplier? why do i have to make a journal entry? why doesnt during "make payment", the existing balance automatically adjust itself? same with making  TDS mandatory for advance payments. WHY is this mandatory? as a small business owner, i DONT HAVE TO be concerned with tds. make this optional in settings.

9. cess rate.

10. eway bill

11. ITC classification

12. pricing levels (this is a feature in US quickbooks but not in india)

13. expense list by employees. this report does not exist. allow users to check transactions made against a particular employee other than ONLY time activities like i can make a travelling expense by cash in the name of an employee. it should show all entries made against an employee.

14. debit note linked with purchases.

15. improve mobile app. considering what other softwares have in their apps, quickbooks is 5 years behind and i mean it. we cannot make or edit item based purchases entries. this is stupid. same with sending link invoice via ONLY watsapp. add option to send via sms. also add print function. this is a basic feature in every phones since 2009. why cant you use it.

16. import purchases like we can import sales.

17. inventory is basic at best. need inventory valuation and batch numbers and expiry date and profit margins.

18.there is still no POS support

19. thermal printing

20. bank details on invoice (this should  be on the LAST PAGE of a multi page invoice. currently there is only a footnote that shows up on every page and without any formatting.

21. QR code on invoices. we should not have to import a custom page with image in background. allow users to add only an image.

22. digital signature on invoices. invoices are invalid without a signature and scanning and adding photo of a signature is NOT VALID.

23. there is no single GSTR-2 return.

24. GST TDS support   

25. nil rate/ exempted/ zero rated supply classification

26.item tax rate history. this is VERY important. same with item tax class. if POS which should be auto selected from GSTIN of supplier/customer, cgst/sgst or IGST should be auto selected. currently i cannot set any tax rate on an item because i can select only 1 and if i select say igst, if i make a local purchase, software automatically applies igst to local purchase which is wrong.

27. allow batch inventory and add profit margin/ markup to that. for example, i buy an inventory item A @ 100 with serial 1 to 20 and i buy same item next week at 120 with serial 20 to 50, i should be able to see during sales both these entries and if i select any serial, it should auto add the profit margin already selected. i SHOULD NOT HAVE TO ADD DIFFERENT ITEM FOR DIFFERENT batches and different purchase prices,

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

improve QBO india

You should consider some 3rd party apps to integrate with your QBO account. I am not sure company will make any significant improvement for QBO India for the time being. As far as I know, they are backing off from India since last September because financial management is not a strong category in India.

Ferdous And Associates
Level 2

improve QBO india

thank you. i had known this for some time but wanted a confirmation. I have been using offline accounting software for over a decade now and over the past few years QBO "seemed" to be a nice stepping stone into the online thing.

i have  a few pointers why it failed. When this new taxation regime was started in 2017, there was an expectation that it would make cloud providers overnight millionaires from all the monthly recurring fees. what happened was competition brought those prices to rock bottom. i am paying for "Tally" and "busy" and "marg" each which are multi user/multi company offline softwares and i have hundreds of clients. for 10K inr for each software "annually", i am handling over 150 clients in each. on the other hand QBO expects me to pay 3.5K annually "for each company". As an accountant, that is just unreasonably high. 150 clients times 3.5k annual is a lot of money.

this is what QBO had not expected.

its not like there isnt money to be made in accounting packages in india, many give away basic licenses for free lifetime because there is no additional cost associated with it, just future expectation of conversion. QBO failed in that regard.


as is said, i am transitioning away from QBO because it is financially and technologically more viable for me to do.


My suggestion for QBO if it wants to stay in india and "earn" would be to simply spin this as an open source version with a hosted/supported saas version. that way you would benefit from not having to spend development time and still maintain ownership of the managed version. i for one would contribute in development in exchange for a dead product being resurrected by going open source.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

improve QBO india

@Ferdous And Associates wrote:

as is said, i am transitioning away from QBO because it is financially and technologically more viable for me to do.

Contact us in private should you need to purchase a 3rd party conversion service 8))

Level 2

improve QBO india

I am reproducing a post made by me earlier today here so that someone responsible from qbo india may see and help


Every time I go to the online chat support, you have wasted at least an hour or so and never even once have they succeeded in providing a solution. I have literally spent 2 hours taking to a guy and all he did was gave me links to material I already have access to. If there is an issue in your platform, accept it and work to improve. But you guys have not worked on a single thing for indian market. 

Only for a breif period of time after gst you had given good attention to update your platform. Then your development team just stopped, though I doubt you have a development team here, if yes they are more than horrible.

E way bills came, tax collected on source came, e invoicing came. A lot has changed since you last updated. This platform has become outdated and it refuses to update. If you don't want to update at least collaborate with other service providers, offer app integrations as a solution. Just visit the app store. Not one app to help with e way bills, e invoicing not one indian app that handles inventory.. all apps charge in dollars.. and incredibly expensive for even simple integrations like commission tracking... Which in the first place should be offered by qbo itself. I would rather have qbo charge me extra for the features i need then paying then in foreign currency and increasing my costs for an app which works independently from qbo and i have to worry about correct data sync all the time. Half of my time gets wasted in checking what got synced and what did not. That too for such simple features.

E invoicing is not offered by qbo till now. We needed it for our business. So i asked their award winning support if this feature will come to qbo or not. No clear answer. Asked again after some time as deadline was near, again no clear answer. Sensing their response started looking for an app for e invoicing. Contacted a lot of providers who had api's and we're ready to integrate with any accounting software. Asked then if they can integrate with qbo. Got a response that we can integrate with any platform like SAP, tally, busy or even with any locally made software but not qbo. Why because none of them could contact anyone in qbo for such api integration. If they are not able to contact qbo india, how can we. 


As a last resort now just using qbo for basic accounting only, invoicing and gst on some other platform and looking to shift to some compliant software. And leads here to what is good for indian scenario will be appreciated. Thanks!

Qbo guys please take this as a constructive criticism and start improving instead of deleting this comment.

QuickBooks Team

improve QBO india

Hi Sk0!


I understand your frustration and I'll feel the same if I'm in your shoe. I'm here and let me help you.


Our Customer Support Team is always ready to help with whatever concerns you may have. I'll take note of your experience and use it to improve our service more.


QuickBooks Online always makes sure to stay compliant with the government laws and regulations. We are aware of the new policy regarding the e-way bill and e-invoicing. While we're unable to integrate, I encourage you to send feedback about this to our developers. Go to the Gear icon and select Feedback.


In addition, you may visit our blog so to stay updated with the latest news and innovations.


I'll always be here if you need anything else. Take care always!