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Limit on number of connected bank accounts?

We have had to set up a number of new bank accounts with our existing bank for non-profit regulatory purposes. I have set up the accounts as "Bank" and "Checking" in QuickBooks Online, but when I attempt to connect these new accounts to the bank accounts, they do not show up on the list after I enter our credentials. Is there a limit to the number of accounts that QBO can "see" or attach from a given institution? We bank with ATB. Thank you.

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QuickBooks Team

Limit on number of connected bank accounts?

Welcome to the Community, @NikiWilson. Let me share some insights about connecting bank accounts in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


There's no upper limit to the number of bank accounts you can add to one QBO company file. Don't worry if you can't find your banking institution when you're getting started.

There are a few reasons for this, but there are some steps you can take to figure out which one is suitable for you.


If you can't find or connect to your bank, possible reasons are as follows:


  • We have many names for your bank on our list. Check to see if you've chosen the correct listing or if you've tried all possible connections. To be sure you're using the listing, look for the banking sign-in URL.
  • Your bank does not connect to all accounts like personal accounts vs. business accounts.
  • Your financial institution is not a participant.


If you can't find your bank when searching, check the following:


  • Make sure the spelling is correct. Check that the spelling matches what appears on your bank's website.
  • When looking for your bank, use specific names. If you're having trouble, consider broad terms like "Citi."
  • In the search box, type in the URL of your bank. For HSBC, for example, type "" into the search box.
  • Look up the name of the bank that issued your bank card, often known as the issuing bank. On the back of your card, you'll discover the name of the issuing bank. "Chase," "HSBC," or "Bank of America" should suffice, but "Visa" may be too general.


You can also try other listed versions of your bank's name. Also, you can request support from your bank. Check on this article for the detailed steps: Find your bank or credit card account when connecting to online banking.


Don't hesitate to click the Reply button below if you need more help. I'm always here to help.

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Limit on number of connected bank accounts?

Thanks. I am not having trouble adding bank accounts to QBO and have already got all the new accounts set up there.


I am also not having trouble finding and connecting to my bank as we already have 7 QBO accounts attached to 7 of our bank accounts at this same bank.


My problem is that when I log into the connection, it doesn't show me any more than the 7 bank accounts we already have attached at our bank.


Which is why I was wondering if there was a maximum number of accounts it could ATTACH to.


I've seen similar upper limits on things like matching bank deposits -- it will only find 12 at a time if you have a bunch of deposits on the same day for the same amount (as we did on the Betty White Challenge day). The cache only seems to hold so much at a time. In that case, I'd just have to match those 12, then refresh to get another 12 and so on.


But I haven't been able to find a workaround for this yet.



QuickBooks Team

Limit on number of connected bank accounts?

I appreciate you for getting back, Niki. I'm here to share with you some additional information about handling bank connected bank accounts and downloaded transactions in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


QBO allows you to connect as many accounts as you can through the Banking page with no limits. If you have multiple accounts connected, tap to the left-side or right-side arrow to see all of the connected accounts. I'm adding this screenshot for your visual reference.


You can tap on the Manage connections button to manage your linked data in one place.


With regards to matching your bank deposits, the system also detects as many possible entries without limiting it to just 12 entries at a time. If you only see 12 transactions from the Select transaction to match, you can follow these steps to narrow down the result.


  1. Select the download transaction from the For Review section.
  2. Tap on Find match, then Find other matches.
  3. Select the transaction type you want to display.
  4. Filter the dates to see the transactions.


For more tips while handling your connected accounts in QBO, you can open these articles:



You can also update your banks manually to keep your accounts up to date and download the latest bank and credit transactions.


If you have any other banking questions, let me know by adding a comment below. I'm always here to help. Have a good one!