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Add Customers

Watch the video below to start adding customers to QuickBooks.

You can enter your customers in a couple of different ways.

When you first go to Customers, you can add your customers by importing a customer list or adding them manually.

To add a customer manually

  1. Go to Sales.
  2. Select the Customers tab.
  3. Select Add customer manually.New_customer_page_ROW_QBO_12172020
  4. Enter your customer's information.Customer_info_ROW_QBO_12172020
  5. Select Save.

You can add more information about your customer at any time by going back to the customer record.

To add more customers,

  1. Go to Sales.
  2. Select the Customers tab.
  3. Select New customer.
  4. Fill in the fields in the Customer Information window. Enter additional information on the Other detailsTax info, and Payment and billing tabs, if necessary.
  5. Select Save

Import customers from a CSV file

If you have a spreadsheet with your customer info, you can import it into QuickBooks all at once. Before you get started, prepare your customer list in Excel to make sure that the column titles and the order of the columns in your Excel sheet matches our example. To see how your Excel file should look, download and open this sample.

When your Excel sheet is ready, follow the steps below to import into QuickBooks:

  1. Go to Sales
  2. Select the Customers tab.
  3. Select the arrow next to New Customer > Import Customers.
  4. Select Browse.
  5. Select your excel file and Open, then Next.
  6. For each of the QBO fields on the screen, choose one of your Excel columns. This action tells QuickBooks which columns in your Excel spreadsheet get pulled into which QuickBooks field. Select Next when you have completely mapped your fields.
  7. The next page shows your data and where it's going into QuickBooks. Make sure you check the box on the left for all the items you want to import. When you're ready, select Import.

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