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why integrated invoice and payment is showing a 0.01 variance

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QuickBooks Team

why integrated invoice and payment is showing a 0.01 variance

Understanding the reason behind the variance is crucial for maintaining financial accuracy and transparency within an organization. I'll be sharing my insights about the possible reason why this happens, Ghina.


First, it's important to ensure that the invoice amount aligns with the payment made to rule out any disparities. You can review it by opening the sales form and checking the figures. Here's how:


  1. Go to Sales and choose Invoices.


  2. Find the invoice and click the Edit button to open the Invoice window along with the connected payment.

    locate and click edit button invoice.PNG

  3. Scroll down and check the invoice Total and the Amount Received.

    invoice window-total-amount received.PNG


Additionally, a possible reason you're seeing a 0.01 difference is when the amount involves decimals since our system automatically rounds it off to the nearest hundredths.


Ensuring that your invoices match their linked payments is my top priority, Ghina. I'll always be here to assist you with any discrepancies you encounter while handling your invoices. Take care!