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Ram Chenna
Level 1

Approvals for Contractor payments

We recently migrated from Intuit Payroll to Quickbooks Payroll.


In Intuit Payroll, I used to create contractor payment and my manager used to approve contractor payment.  This is a TWO Step process.


In Quick Books Payroll, this functionality is not there, and as soon as I add payment it is in approved stage.


How do add separate approval step in QB Payroll.


I tried to ask the QB Help Chat, John from QB Payroll joined chat, he just does not know anything.  He kept me in chat for 1 hour, asked same question again and again and still he did not respond.


Can any experts here help me on this??

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QuickBooks Team

Approvals for Contractor payments

I'm delighted to have you here in the Community, @Ram Chenna. I'll provide you with some insights about your situation, as well as the procedures for a workaround.


To process approval for your bill payments or checks in QuickBooks Online Payroll, you'll need a third-party app integrated to your QuickBooks Online. Search for the best suitable app for your business in a few simple steps:


  1. On the left navigational bar of your QBO account, go to Apps tab.
  2. In the search bar, type "Payroll process" as your keyword and then click on the Search icon.
  3. Select the app that best suits your business.


For visual reference, you can refer on the screenshot that I'll be providing below.

Our Community Help Articles page contains resources, video tutorials, and tips to manage your company files. If you need more information, feel free to visit the site.

Additionally, here are some articles to help you in the future:



I'll be here if you have other QuickBooks-related questions. You can also notify me by clicking the REPLY button below. I'll make sure to keep an eye for your response. Keep safe and have a good one!

Ram Chenna
Level 1

Approvals for Contractor payments

Thank you @Kurt_M 


Looks like we are on basic version.  We dont have Apps option on the left. All we have is these options as shown in the attached image..



Ram Chenna
Level 1

Approvals for Contractor payments

QB Options.jpg

QuickBooks Team

Approvals for Contractor payments

Thanks for trying out my colleagues steps, @Ram Chenna. I've got some information you need so you can find the 3rd party app you need in QuickBooks Online.


Please know that the Apps menu on the left navigation pane is unavailable in the international version of QuickBooks Online. To integrate a third-party app, I'd suggest clicking this link and verify if your country is supported by the QuickBooks apps. Please select the country from the drop-down arrow to see regions.

Please see this sample screenshot for reference:


Additionally, I'll share with you these articles if you want to know more about bills and checks in QBO: 

If you have any other additional questions about 3rd party apps in QBO add a comment below. I'm here to get back to you as quickly as possible. Have a good day!