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How can we add USD Client in Quick books

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QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

How can we add USD Client in Quick books

Let me help you add your customer with USD currency in QuickBooks Online (QBO), accounts388.


Once you turn on the multi-currency feature, we can add a new customer profile. Then, assign the client to USD currency before creating an invoice or any other sales transactions. Let me show you how: 

  1. Go to Invoicing on the left panel.
  2. Choose Customers.
  3. Tick the New customer button. 
  4. Enter all your customer's information by adding them in the fields. 
  5. Click the Payment and billing tab.
  6. Tap the This customer pays me with drop-down and select USD United States Dollar.
  7. Hit the Save button.

Then, create an invoice or any other sales transactions. Once done, it will automatically generate the currency you've set up for that customer. Feel free to visit our Manage Customers and income page to learn more about managing your customers and sales transactions.


I hope that this response finds you with a smile. Keep me posted if you need a hand with running your financial reports or any QBO related. I'm always here to ensure your success. Take care always.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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How can we add USD Client in Quick books


As another option, explore to open a virtual business account at TW and utilize the bank feeds. You will send the invoice in INR and your client will pay it in USD.


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How can we add USD Client in Quick books



There's no option or box "this customer pays me with" (number 6) where we can select for currency like USD. Default currency is in PhP but I have to change it to USD.




QuickBooks Team

How can we add USD Client in Quick books

Hello, molopez13. 


I can share with you some troubleshooting steps to get around the option to view the "this customer pays me with . I recommend logging out and logging in to your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account. This will refresh the connection and for any changes to take effect. 


If this is not the access, I suggest accessing your account on a private or incognito window. This way, we can check if this issue is caused by browser cache.


The browser uses cache and cookies to help load web pages faster on your next visit. However, this can cause odd behavior that affects the views and performance of QBO. Using a private window is the best way in identifying the issue as this doesn't save any junk files.


To open an incognito window, you can follow these keyboard shortcuts:


  • Press keys: Ctrl + Shift + P (Mozilla Firefox & Microsoft Edge browser)
  • Press keys: Ctrl + Shift + N (Google Chrome browser)
  • Press keys: Command + Shift + N (Safari browser)


If you’re able to view the this customer pays me with I’d suggest deleting your browser cache to refresh the system. If the issue persists, I recommend using other supported browsers. This way, we can identify if this is a browser-integrated issue.  





Here's an article that you can read to help manage your customers in the program: Edit customer info


Should you need more help in dealing with your other tasks, don't hesitate to leave a comment on this thread or start a new conversation. We always have your back. Stay safe!