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User administrator can not access

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QuickBooks Team

User administrator can not access

Let's ensure that you have the correct login credentials, usersuravirout98.


Before anything else, I'd like to verify if you can't access a page in our system or you can't log in to the sign-in page so I can walk you through the process. You can set different levels of access for a Standard user. If you've granted access to a section in QuickBooks and you're unable to use it, you can perform a few browser troubleshooting steps. 


To start with, let's try logging in to your QuickBooks Online account using a private (incognito) browser. If the system works as expected, you can switch back to the main browser and clear the cache. You may also use other supported browsers to access your account and options in QuickBooks. 


Let me know how this works. Take care!