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Catagory for bank transfer to personal account for reimbusment

Hi – I purchased items for the business with my personal credit card, then I did a bank transfer from my business bank account to my personal credit card to reimburse for the business purchase I made with my personal credit card. Under what category (or do I create a new one) do I categorize the bank transfer, to my personal credit card for the business purchase reimbursement?


This is for Quickbooks Online.



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QuickBooks Team

Catagory for bank transfer to personal account for reimbusment

Good day, Rachelgreenfl.


There's an option to use the partner's equity or owner's equity category for the reimbursement.


However, we recommend reaching out to your account for additional advice in selecting the correct account since this will affect your financial statement. 


We also have these additional articles that can serve as your guide:


Lastly, you'll want to run expenses-related reports that can give you a quick view of your purchases and business expenses. Just go to the Reports menu, proceed to the Standard tab , and then select a report in the Expenses and vendors section.


Reach out to us again or reply below if you want to ask a follow-up question. We're always open to offer our help anytime of the day.