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Balance Sheet Report Layout

I want to be able to group my bank accounts on my balance sheet. 


The option exists to group accounts receivable and accounts payable balances. Why can I not group bank accounts? 


I was told by your support team that the option exists for US and UK users, but adding the option for international users (I am based in Indonesia) is not worth Intuit's investment. 


I would have thought that this is a very easy and simple feature to add, since it is very standard financial reporting layout? And the option already exists for other regions ...


I have put this through the feedback process, but I wanted to share this here, to see if anyone else has this issue, or maybe I have done something wrong in my company setup? 


This is a very basic issue, I would be very disappointed in QBO if this is not made available.





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Balance Sheet Report Layout

I hear your sentiments, @hendrikwo.


I appreciate you for sharing your concern about the Balance Sheet. I want to make it up to you by sharing information about the financial report in QuickBooks Online.


I'd agree that it's better to have this feature for International users too. What I can do on my end is to take note and pass this brilliant suggestion on to our dedicated team.


As of now, the option to change how the report groups your bank accounts is unavailable. There's nothing wrong with your company setup, it's just working as designed for International users.


Additionally, I've included a link you can visit to learn how to export a custom report in Excel or PDF format: Customise reports in QuickBooks Online.


Drop by anytime you need more insights or guidance on managing reports in QuickBooks. I'm here to help you anytime.

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Balance Sheet Report Layout

Can you please explain to me why international users are being provided with an inferior product, whilst (I assume) being charged the same as US / UK users? 


Can you give me a definitive yes or no whether this feature will be made available. If yes, what the time line will be? 


Your response will largely drive whether I keep my subscription or not. 


QuickBooks Team

Balance Sheet Report Layout

Thank you for your prompt reply, @hendrikwo.


I understand how you want to group your bank accounts to your balance sheet in QuickBooks Online (QBO). Nonetheless, my colleague is right that the option is currently unavailable in some regions. We appreciate you for sending feedback straight to our product developer.


You're also right that there are some features that are not available in other regions. We currently don't have any timeline for when it will be available outside the USA. We'll let you know once it will be available internationally.


Learn how to customise and export reports by checking out this article.


If you have further concerns about QBO, you can always drop by and post them here. Stay safe!

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Balance Sheet Report Layout

You have not explained to me why international users are being provided with an inferior product, whilst (I assume) being charged the same as US / UK users? 

QuickBooks Team

Balance Sheet Report Layout

Allow me to help and address your QuickBooks concern, Hendrikwo.

I understand how important it is for users in other regions to have the same features as those in the US version. Including them will streamline the process of the tasks they are trying to accomplish, particularly grouping bank accounts on the Balance Sheet report.

QuickBooks Online (QBO) is available in many countries around the world. Thus, features, support, pricing, service options, and terms and conditions differ from country to country.

Also, discounts, promotional offers, current rates, and renewal pricing will vary depending on your QuickBooks plan. You can visit this site to learn more about the latest QuickBooks pricing in your region: Choose your country.


To speed up the process, head to the continent tab and then click the flag for your country (Indonesia). This will take you to the landing page for the plans and pricing.row page.png  

To get acclimated to the features and processes in QBO, let me share the link to our online resources: Community guide. You’ll see topics on how to handle your taxes, banking, building reports, and other accounting-related activities.

Please know the Community has your back. If you have other QuickBooks concerns or additional questions about reports or the product’s features, let me know in the comment section below and tag my name, @Rasa-LilaM. I’ll be glad to assist further.