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Can i attribute one transaction to 02 classes without duplicating the operation? or is it possible to create subclasses?

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QuickBooks Team

You’ve come to the right place, vanessa.nzoudja.  Yes, yo...

You’ve come to the right place, vanessa.nzoudja

Yes, you can attribute one transaction to your 2 classes without duplicating the operation. Please take note you can choose this option if the classes are not related with each other. To achieve this, let’s select One to each row in transaction in the Assign classes section in the settings. Let me guide you how.  

  1. Go to the Settings (Gear) icon at the upper right.
  2. Choose Account and Settings under Your Company.
  3. Go to Advanced from the left menu.
  4. Select the Categories section, then choose Track classes.
  5. Check the Warn me when a transaction isn’t assigned a class box.  
  6. From the Assign classes drop-down, choose One to each row in transaction.  
  7. Choose Save.
  8. Click Done.

The first screenshot below will show you the last six steps.

Once done, you’ll have the option to select two classes on the transaction’s line items. Check out the second screenshot below for your visual reference.

For more information about class tracking in the program, go through this article:

Also, you can create sub-classes if the two classes are correlated with each other. You’ll first have to determine the parent class before setting up the sub-classes. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Settings (Gear) icon at the upper right.
  2. Choose All Lists under Lists.
  3. Select Classes.
  4. Click New
  5. Enter a Name for this class. 
  6. Check the Is sub-class box and choose the parent class.
  7. Click Save.

The third screenshot below will show you the last four steps. 

You can run reports by class to help you review your sales, expenses, or profitability by business segment.

I’ll be right here to help if you need further assistance. Have a great day.