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Do this is possible to did not see compny profit and loss reports

i want to my accountant did not delete and re edit any invoice or bill
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QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

Do this is possible to did not see compny profit and loss reports

Thanks for checking in with us, saqibmehmoodkt-y.


Once you add your accountant, they have the access to your QuickBooks Online (QBO) company file and accounting info. This lets them review your books, or make corrections, and fix any transactions. The option to stop them from editing any invoice or bill or access the Profit and Loss report is unavailable. For more details about this one, see the Invite an accountant to review your accounting in QuickBooks Online article. 


The only option for the users not to access reports or edit transactions is to set them as Time Tracking only user or Standard user where the access rights are set to None option. See User types and user permissions in QuickBooks Online article to learn more about this one. Just in case you need to change the user's access in our account, just follow the step and details in the Add, delete, or change user access article. 


Feel free to visit our Manage Your Account page for more insights about managing your Intuit account.


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