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Can you deactivate Sales Tax for the Phillipines? Can you setup VAT in Trinidad and Tobago?

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Can you deactivate Sales Tax for the Phillipines? Can you setup VAT in Trinidad and Tobago?

It's great to have you here in the community for QuickBooks, @das_tt20056.


Allow me to share some insights with you on how you can set up the correct Sales Tax country in QuickBooks Online. 


The sales tax setting and rates depends on the country you have subscribed QuickBooks for. If you purchased the Philippines version, then the taxes will be based on their tax policies.


If you need to set up sales tax for Trinidad and Tobago, you will need to purchase that version instead. I can guide you through the steps on how you can get the correct country for QBO. First, you need to sign-up for the service then establish your profile after.


To get started, choose you plan by selecting the country you want to use QuickBooks for: Choose your country for QuickBooks. From there, you can choose to buy and avail any promotions for the program. Click the Buy now or Free 30-day trial button for the product you think will work for your business.


After that, you will be prompt to sign up and create your Intuit account. This is what you will use when logging in to your QBO company file. Once done, you'll be able to see and set the company file information. See this link to set up the taxes after: How to set up sales tax?


I'll be leaving a few resources to help you get started with the program:



Once you establish the correct account, you may cancel the incorrect product. If your account is less than 60 days and would want to discuss refund options, contact us using the (?) Help menu in your QBO account.


If you have any other questions or concerns about starting a new QuickBooks account and the sales tax set up, please post here again. I'll be right here to help you further. Have a nice day!