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Do not print Agency on invoice

Hello, when I create an invoice the tax rates are printed as e.g. VAT agency. I do not want the word "agency" printed, the tax is called VAT and not VAT agency.


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QuickBooks Team

Do not print Agency on invoice

I can share some information about customising your invoices, @tafataona.


The tax agency name will appear on your invoices with the rate. The feature to remove the agency is currently unavailable.


I suggest recreating this VAT agency and set the correct Tax name or the tax agency name that you'd like to appear. This will show in your invoices with the word agency.


Here’s how to create a new custom tax agency:


  1. Go to the Taxes menu and click on Add tax.
  2. Click on Custom tax.
  3. Enter the Tax name and the Description.
  4. Tax agency name gets populated automatically based on the Tax name you've entered. 
  5. Provide all the necessary information. 
  6. Select Save.


Check the following article for detailed guidance in creating this custom tax rate: Create custom tax rate. From here, you can now use this to your invoices: Create invoices in QuickBooks Online.


You can also customise how your invoices will look, the steps are slightly different for different levels of QuickBooks Online. Check this article for detailed guidance: 

Customise invoices, estimates, and sales receipts in QuickBooks Online.


Keep me updated in the reply section if you have any other questions with your invoices. I'll be here to lend a helping hand. Have a wonderful day!