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HELLO IF I HAVE TO WRITE 5% vat ,instead of standard rated ,how i can do that.

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QuickBooks Team

HELLO IF I HAVE TO WRITE 5% vat ,instead of standard rated ,how i can do that.

Welcome to the Community, @aaliya-r-cepco-s.


I'm here to provide info so you can use the 5% VAT code in QuickBooks Online (QBO). When making sales transactions in QBO, you can use the 5.0% VAT code under the VAT column. To do so, please refer to these steps:

  1. Go to the +New menu and choose a transaction you need to record. For example, Invoice.
  2. Select the items under the Product/Service column.
  3. Enter the amount and choose 5.0% VAT under the VAT column.
  4. Once done, click Save and close.


However, if you don't have a 5.0 % VAT code, I recommend consulting your accountant to help you create one. If you're not affiliated with one, use our Find an Accountant tool. 


To know more about the list of VAT codes available in QBO, please check out this article: Common VAT codes.


If you're looking for resources or articles you can bookmark or save for future use, you can always visit our QuickBooks Help articles page. You can manually search via entering a keyword on the search field or open any of the categories displayed to start browsing.


Keep me posted if you have further concerns about using VAT codes in QBO. I'll be on the lookout for your response. Have a good one.