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Why is VAT on sales appearing on debit side?

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QuickBooks Team

Why is VAT on sales appearing on debit side?

Let me share with you information on why the VAT is showing on the debit side, @saburiiloriaudit.


The Sales VAT will post only as a debit on the liability if the transaction was made from a JE or a refund/customer credit. In a net payment or income position, sales VAT on the liability will show as a credit.


I'll add this article to learn more about the recent changes and answers for your VAT questions: VAT Feature Update FAQ.


Wanted to set up sales GST/VAT rates and use them on forms? Here's the link on how can automatically track your sales for you through the Tax feature.


Please stay in touch if you have any other VAT on sales concerns. I'll be right here to help you. Have a nice day ahead!