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M2$1M OFFICE HOURS 5/17/18: To Spend or Not to Spend

Hey Momentumers, it's the happiest hour of the's OFFICE HOUR time!! Of course, you can ask me anything, and I also want to focus on a big issue that small business owners have to deal with - investing in their businesses in order to grow. 


Does the prospect of a spending big money to increase your top and bottom line make you feel excited? Terrified? A little bit of both? From advertising to purchasing new equipment to investing in professional education... you have to spend money to make money!  But no need to fret - just post your questions and we'll talk through the return on investment!!


@CarrieJ@ElaineTay-TGW and, @redrosestudios, do you want to start us off?


OK, I'm standing by so fire away!! J.