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Re: OFFICE HOURS ARE OPEN! To Spend or Not to Spend

@activemode, thanks for this perspective (and scroll down for my thoughts below yours):


From a Technological Point of view...
It's not a luxury for most people to spend money on Business.  So from my point of view I'll say this... I've saved thousands, instead of spending thousands, because I delved into Technology and learned how to do it myself.   There's your advantage, if you were ever looking for one.  It was a long road, but well worth the time I invested learning.  That excuse of "I'm not smart enough" or "I don't understand it" is not really valid, because I myself didn't understand any of it when I started.  So, now I build my own tools rather than pay for excessive subscriptions.  the most difficult thing is to begin... it gets easier after that.


So yes, the money has to be spent on Avertising and Marketing, but for the most part, once you get more involved with tech, it becomes easier, and the Marketing and advertising is done by you... yourself.  You have to catch up, and learn, or fall behind and pay for everything you need.

And finally... yes, you can, because I did.  Anything one person can do, another can learn.  Time and patience is all that you need.  If time is money, then invest more time, to save yourself money.


My questions back to you is about the value of speed to market when you bring on an expert right out the gate. Do you think there is value by taking that path as well? I have done both over the years (I love tech so enjoy geeking out on new programs every now and then), but have determined that it's better to pay a carefully vetted pro to get to where I need to go faster and better.  9 times out of 10 it has been very worth it. 


Thoughts @activemode?