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Re: OFFICE HOURS ARE OPEN! To Spend or Not to Spend

GREAT question @ElaineTay-TGW!  All of my clients invest in 2 areas ASAP:


1) Virtual Assistant: I have them engage an assistant that allows them to buy blocks of hours (never on retainer) so you only pay for what you use. The first project that I have them delegate is a recurring project which makes it easy to document the process, so it can be repeated resulting in increased competency and success. Most business owners fail at delegation because they "dump and dash" one-off projects that they don't want to do without providing detailed training, making it difficult for the VA to produce what is wanted. Make sense?


2) Bookkeeper: QuickBooks is super easy, so you can absolutely do your own books, but why not be a pro and hire a Certified QuickBooks Pro so you can focus on the number one priority to ensure your success... SALES!


Helpful? Also, are you thinking about investing in or buying something specific? Standing by! J.