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Re: It’s Troubleshooting Tuesday! How’s Your Focus?

Ha! That is something I already do, I just didn't know it had a name. My timer implementation also has some variations. 


I use my phone's timer. So instead of alternating between 15 and 25, I just do 15 and 15. Also instead of something fun, I use those 15 minutes to clean my house. So I still feel like I am doing something productive and I can actually SEE the progress I am making. With the projects I find myself doing for actual work, I often find it difficult to see the progress I have made, so having that positive affirmation is really nice. Doing this also has the added benefit of MAKING me get out of my chair. I get tunnel vision, so if I am not careful, I will get too deep in my work and my husband will come home to find I have not moved from my chair in 8 plus hours. (It has happened more than once) 


Sometimes I will set a goal for myself. I want to get through 'x' before my next timer goes off. So that in and of itself becomes almost like a game. 


Using my phone's timer has the added benefit of not stopping until you stop it. Which means I can put it across the room and it will FORCE me to stop what I am doing. This keeps me from getting distracted and never moving from my desk. I used to use an Online Google Timer, but it will stop going off after about a minute. I know that. So, if I really just want to finish up this one last thing, I will let it go until it stops and then I will forget it went off. And then I won't move or take any breaks. I just get lost in my work.


If I am having an impossible time concentrating or I am not feeling "up to snuff," as my Granny used to say, I will use the 15 minute cleaning time to play with my dog or bunny. Or depending on how I feel, to just do something fun and/or relaxing. (My favorite thing to do is to climb into my indoor hammock and read.) I try not to do that too much though because it is way too easy to let that take over my day.