Re: It’s Troubleshooting Tuesday! How’s Your Focus?

I love this stuff, Julie.   I recently came back from my advanced yoga teacher training after a week of studying the nervous system and the brain.   It was fascinating!


I am away at the Intuit Council meeting this week, but I am going to implement this Pomodoro method when I get back to my office.   It makes sense, right?  


On a side note, around 4pm, if I don't have a customer meeting/training, I do one restorative yoga pose.   I shut off the devices, set a timer and chill out. Most involve me lying over a rolled blanket or on a couple of yoga blocks.  Both are counter poses to tech neck.    15 mins are all you need.  With the rolled blanket one, you  roll it tight like a taquito roll and place it under the shoulder tips;  the head is back on the floor but it makes the heart higher than the head.  Nourishing for the soul!   :cathappy: