Level 5

Re: It’s Troubleshooting Tuesday! How’s Your Focus?

I often do multitask. I am currently studying for the Advanced Proadvisor Certification and I am teaching myself HTML. I will generally switch between work and studies. I alternate days between HTML and the Certification. 


So I will do 15 minutes of work. 15 minutes of cleaning. 15 minutes of study. 


I have found that if I do too much in the study department at once, my brain will get bogged down and I will stall out. But if I flip back and forth between something I am familiar with and learning something new, I do great! 


I will experiment with the times though. Instead of 15 minutes, for the rest of this week, I will try it at 20, next week will be 25 and after that, I will push it to 30. For this initial experiment, I will keep my clean up timer set to 15 minutes. But after this initial round, I will experiment with that too. I will keep a little mini-journal of findings and post about each it week to let you know what I figure out. Granted it will be what works best for me, but mayhaps it will help someone else to find a rhythm too... Or at the least encourage them to experiment too. I do so love a good experiment.